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Landsail Snowstar



The Landsail Snowstar is a winter tyre. The central longitudinal groove and the 2 zigzag longitudinal grooves ensure rapid dispersion of water and snow, allowing grip, steering and braking to be maintained. The coarse rubber surface (3D technology) creates extra grip. This helps create better traction on snow and the car remains steerable. The Landsail Winterlander makes driving in the winter much safer.

The shoulder profile
The shoulder profile is specially designed to reduce wind resistance, but also to heat efficiently.

Three wide cross grooves
Three wide transverse grooves for efficient water drainage, and additional grip during braking and steering.

Lateral grooves
Lateral grooves provide high grip and steering stability.

The full size package of the Landsail Snowstar

65 Series              
205 / 65 R16 107 T E C 2 73
215 / 65 R16 109 T E C 2 73
225 / 65 R16

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