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CLV 1.

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Landsail CLV 1



The Landsail CLV1 is a tyre for SUVs & Pick-ups. The special rubber compound, the extra reinforced base and the coarse tread guarantee optimal performances from large SUVs. The zigzag longitudinal and transverse grooves ensure rapid dispersion of water, mud and dirt. The central tread line increases road holding at higher speeds. The sturdy tread on the reinforced shoulders not only provides more stability but also effectively evacuates contact heat. The Landsail CLV1 guarantees comfortable and safe driving on various surfaces in all weather conditions.

Length of grooves
Optimal design and placement lamellae provide steering precision,
Extra grip and brake performance

4 continuous grooves
With reduced chance of aquaplaning. Provides improved road location.

Coarse shoulder pattern
The many slats in the shoulder provide excellent grip on bends.

Solid central rib
Ensures stability.


The full size package of the Landsail CLV 1

75 Series              
225 / 75 R15 102 T E C 3 74
235 / 75 R15 104 T E C 3 74
70 Series              
245 / 70 R16 111 T E C 3 73
265 / 70 R16 112 T E C 3 73
265 / 70 R16 112 H E C 3 73

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