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Landsail summer tyres are characterised by their perfect balanced blend of technology and performance…

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Landsail Winter Tyres

The Landsail winter tyres are designed in the same way as the hi-tech summer tyres of Landsail…

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Landsail tyres, a wide choice!

The Landsail LS288 is a modern passenger car tyre with a balanced and optimised tread. The tyre combines safety with comfortable handling. The Landsail LS988 is an Ultra High Performance tyre of very high quality. This tyre was specially developed for large and fast medium-range cars and cars in the top segment.

The Landsail LSV88 is an impressive delivery van tyre that can stand hard wear. The reinforced carcass combined with the sturdy tread makes this tyre an impressive and reliable partner.

The Landsail CLV1 is an SUV tyre in the top segment. The Landsail CLV1 guarantees comfortable and safe driving in all weather conditions. The Landsail CLV2 was developed for heavy SUVs. The reinforced composition and the unique tread design make the tyre extremely suitable for large SUVs. The Landsail CLV2 is a class of its own in SUV tyres.

The Landsail Winterlander is a winter tyre for passenger cars and guarantees optimal performances, even in extreme wintry conditions. The Landsail Snow Star is a winter tyre designed specially for heavy-duty work. The optimised rubber compound also remains flexible at very low temperatures due to the addition of silica. The Landsail Winterstar is an SUV winter tyre for the top segment and combines comfort with safety. The flexible rubber compound improves road holding and maximises braking on wet and snowy surfaces. The Landsail Winterstar guarantees many safe winter kilometres.

Manufactured according to the latest technologies!

The latest technologies are used for the production of Landsail tyres, which is why these tyres roll off state-of-the-art production lines. The rubber compound is a balanced blend of raw materials that largely determines the quality of the end product.
The available treads range from simple but effective to ingenious and well thought-out and therefore deliver maximum performance. The Landsail tyres are available in a wide range of types and sizes. There is a tyre for both the medium-range car and the heavy luxury SUVs. A powerhouse has also been developed for the heavy-duty work.

All Landsail tyres are characterised by a special tread composition which has the prevention of aquaplaning and an effective water dispersion as priority. This ensures optimum grip in most conditions, even during sudden braking and emergency manoeuvres.

Landsail, for many safe kilometres!


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